A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Warning! This is a text based game and not everyone will be interested in it.

Hobo Sim is a text based game surrounding a regular Hobo who is sick with life. This is where you come in. Guide this poor Hobo to rich hood and make him the richest man alive! This game is still in development and it should have consistent updates :D


This is a text based game, you type in a number according to the option you want to pick and press enter. Ive had many people ask me this before and I don't want people to not enjoy the game because of it. Other than that i would like everything to stay a mystery...

Install instructions

Once the file is downloaded put it in a folder somewhere on your computer, this is required because the game has to know where to load the save files from. Thanks!


Hobo Sim.exe 108 kB

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